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You might be puzzled about a Second Mortgage in Markham being a homeowner. Want to pay off your existing mortgage with a home equity? Look no further. SN Mortgage locates the most cost-effective second mortgage solutions in Markham for you. A professional Markham second mortgage team ensures the approval process is seamless, convenient, and saves you money as we offer the lowest rate possible.

Understanding the Concept of Second Mortgage in Markham

Buying a house in Markham will increase its equity over time. Equity represents the value of a home that is increased by remodeling or redeveloping in the neighborhood. With a second mortgage in Markham, you can increase your equity in the home. Home equity is calculated by taking the market price of your home and dividing the first mortgage installments from it. To obtain a second mortgage Markham, you should have at least 20% equity in your home. Home equity loans can be used to pursue a wide range of credit products. Second mortgages refer to a loan where you pay back your first mortgage and get a new one at the same time. Since the first mortgage is paid first and then the second mortgage, many lenders hesitate to lend in this condition. Another common misconception is that a second mortgage comes with very high interest rates. However, that is not entirely true, as your choice of mortgage agent heavily affects the outcome. SN Mortgage, as your trusted second mortgage partner, strives to get you the best second mortgage rates in Markham and cater to your needs in the most professional manner. To get our customers the most favorable mortgage deal, we work with more than 60 lenders in Markham.

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Benefits of Getting Second Mortgage in Markham

It is inevitable that an individual will experience uncertainty throughout their lives, and financial assistance may be necessary to help them cope. Most people don't have unlimited access to cash whenever they need it. A second mortgage in Markham can be very helpful in this situation.  With a second mortgage, you can use your home equity to pay off any other expenses that may have accumulated over time. The purpose of second mortgage is not always to relieve the citizens of any burden, but to provide relief to them.

In Markham, second mortgages are beneficial if you wish to borrow money to utilize for the following reasons:

  • A lump sum amount of credit can be accessed
  • Can make utility payments or purchase a vehicle
  • Investment in new business ventures
  • Remodel your house
  • Can pay the higher tuition fees
  • Pay medical bills

Qualifying Conditions for the Second Mortgage in Markham

Second mortgages are also referred to as home equity loans. It is generally more difficult to obtain a second mortgage loan than to refinance your current loan.  Therefore, second mortgages are associated with higher mortgage interest rates than first mortgages because paying off a second mortgage takes second place to other primary mortgages. Second mortgages are riskier for lenders since they might not be fully repaid. A 2nd mortgage can be used to get you out of financial trouble in emergencies, renovations, higher education fees, and to repay existing loans if you qualify.

To qualify for a second mortgage require to meet the following conditions:

✔ Equity

A second mortgage can be more affordable if you have equity. Lenders must verify equity before lending a second mortgage. Most second mortgage brokers prefer that you own at least 15 to 20 percent of the property. Moreover, by deducting the value of their existing primary mortgages, homeowners are able to borrow up to 85% of the value of their homes.

✔ Income

To ensure you are able to make your second mortgage loan payments on time, a Markham second mortgage broker looks for proof of an income source. Bank statements are a legitimate way for lenders to verify your income by requesting your bank statements for the past two months at least.

✔ Credit Score

Markham Second Mortgage lenders review your credit history as part of the approval process. This greatly influences the interest rate. A better credit score will result in a lower interest rate.    

✔ Property

A second mortgage broker must verify your home ownership and the market value of your property to protect their investment if you are unable to pay off your mortgage amount. 

Are you still unsure whether you will get approval for a second mortgage in Markham? We at SN Mortgage make sure the approval process is as smooth as possible. Getting quick approval for a second mortgage requires careful planning and personal consultation with a trusted second mortgage broker. Our every effort is made to grant you the maximum amount of a second mortgage loan.

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Is it Better to Choose a Second Mortgage Instead of Refinance?

Are you having trouble deciding whether to refinance or take out a second mortgage? Markham offers much more than just a place to sleep. In times of financial trouble, a refinance loan can provide easy access to cash. Homeowners have a variety of loan options to choose from. The most popular options are refinances and second mortgages. While they are similar to a certain extent, each has its own pros and cons. Depending on your circumstances, you should choose either a refinance or second mortgage.


Refinancing a mortgage involves switching loans from the original mortgage to a new one. When you refinance, you can choose a new mortgage lender, secure a new interest rate, and set new mortgage terms. Refinance loans allow you to borrow up to 80% of your home's equity, just like a second mortgage.

 You can cash out the amount from a refinance to satisfy the following purposes:

  • Getting your debts consolidated
  • Invest in home improvements to increase your home equity
  • Personal expenses should be covered
  • Faster repayment of your loans
  • You can save money by lowering your interest rates
  • You can switch mortgage types and terms

Second Mortgage

Like a refinance loan, a second mortgage Markham allows you to borrow up to 80% of your home equity. When you already have a good interest rate on your primary mortgage, a second mortgage is a better option than refinancing. In addition to your primary mortgage, a second mortgage lets you borrow additional funds without affecting it. If you refinance, you are able to access equity without adding another monthly payment, but you must pay a larger amount at closing. 

Second mortgages can be either a home equity line of credit (HELOC) or a home equity loan. You can get a facility of variable rate with home equity line of credit and fixed rate with home equity loan. It is critical to take a strategic approach when deciding which types of second mortgage are most suitable for you and your financial situation.   

A second mortgage can be acquired by homeowners to cover the following needs.

  • As a source of emergency funds
  • To pay off higher interest credit card debt
  • You can consolidate your multiple debts
  • To purchase a car
  • For investment purpose
  • Home renovations
  • Taking care of your medical expenses
  • Enhance your credit score
  • Flexibility in payment terms
  • Education fees can be paid with this money

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What Makes SN Mortgage Stand Out Among Second Mortgage Brokers

Considering all of these contribute to your finances in one way or another, it is important that you make informed decisions. At SN Mortgage, we are a team of experienced second mortgage brokers. Providing our clients with ideal rates for a second mortgage in Markham is our priority since we offer them a deal that fits their needs. With us, you won't need to worry about your finances; instead, we ensure that you will be happy with the entire experience. SN Mortgage, a certified second mortgage brokerage firm, guides you through the process so you will find it simple to prepare for a second mortgage. For more information on mortgages in Markham city, you can reach us at +1 (416) 894-3976 or by filling out the form below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I already have a mortgage, can I borrow more?
    Mortgage lenders normally offer up to 4.5 times of your salary as the first mortgage. However when it comes to the second mortgage, the lender will have a look at your credit score, the equity you have built over time and your credit history as well.
  • How does a second mortgage work after the first one is paid off?
    Second mortgages are paid off after the first mortgage and the interest that you get on the second mortgage is usually higher than the first one with less mortgage amount. This often results into a long period of mortgage payments. Once the first one is paid off, the payments directly go to the second one.
  • Can my second mortgage be forgiven?
    Based on the option that your lender takes, the second mortgage maybe forgiven along with the home equity loan. Even after the lender takes you off the hook for their debt you might end up getting an increased tax rate since a forgiven mortgage is treated as a source of income.
  • With a second mortgage, can you sell a house?
    The presence of a second mortgage does not impact your decision to sell your house. The seller only has to pay off the second mortgage but it puts no pressure on the buyer and it is all as per will of the home owner.
  • How much higher is a second mortgage rate?
    Second mortgages come with significant higher mortgage rates as compared to the first one since the collateral that has been placed, in the event of a customer being unable to payback will be first used to pay off the first mortgage and then the second mortgage.

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