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Are you having trouble finding the right mortgage rates in Hamilton for buying your first home, consolidating existing debts, refinancing your mortgage, or growing your business? Fortunately, SN Mortgage, your specialist mortgage broker in Hamilton, makes this process hassle-free for you to attain financial comfort. Our team of expert mortgage brokers offer the best-personalized solutions for all types of mortgage lending at the lowest interest rates. Let us simplify your financial life!

Get to Know Hamilton’s Top Mortgage Brokers: What Makes Us an Excellent Choice

Our well-rounded team of mortgage brokers assist you with legit experience, skills and mortgage expertise. SN Mortgage specialists can help ensure quick approvals when you purchase, refinance, or consolidate existing debts in Hamilton or any major cities on Ontario. It's our motto to give borrowers the best mortgage lending products. Our services include commercial, residential and all types of mortgage solutions in Hamilton. We follow the standardized practice for professionalism in the mortgage industry by first identifying the financial problems our client is experiencing, figuring out the most beneficial type of mortgage for the client, and guiding them on a path to strengthen their financial stability not just for the sake of lending a mortgage. To meet the financial needs of clients, brokers provide hundreds of financial solutions based on the circumstances. Moreover, it is our primary goal of to provide borrowers with the best set of knowledge and to educate them about mortgage plans.

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What Expertise We Bring?

In Hamilton, SN Mortgage is a dedicated mortgage brokerage firm providing the best deals whether commercial or private mortgage loans. SN Mortgage offers easy home refinancing loans, second mortgages home equity, debt consolidation, self-employed mortgage and many other financial tools at affordable interest rates compared to traditional banks and other lending institutions. So, are you ready to become a homeowner? We are here to help. To make your home financing decisions more prudent, we offer you a variety of mortgage solutions.

Top Reasons to Partner with SN Mortgage Brokers in Hamilton

Mortgage brokers are more helpful and give clients more individual attention compared to traditional lenders. It is the job of mortgage agents to understand the circumstances of their clients and guide them with the most suitable solutions in a professional manner. We as Hamilton’s top mortgage brokers help you connect with private lenders so that you enjoy countless benefits.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose SN Mortgage as your primary mortgage consultants in Hamilton.

Get Rid of High-Interest Credit Card

In addition to give advice and providing mortgage solutions, we as Hamilton’s top mortgage brokers create debt consolidations that help consolidate borrowers' finances and reduce the payments on their high-interest credit cards.

Pay Home Refinance and Renovations

Getting a private mortgage is one of the most common reasons to obtain a home loan or refinance your current mortgage. For those who are willing to pay back their mortgage, they might investigate getting a home mortgage or refinancing their property.

Overcome Power of Sale or Foreclosure

Borrowers with several debts often have trouble consolidating them since they have multiple payment timelines. SN Mortgage ensures the borrower's situation and help them with an ideal second mortgage plan to pay off their multiple debts.

Living Expenses or Unforeseeable Circumstances

It's quite expensive to live in Canada, and every self-employed individual works hard to meet their financial obligations. In unexpected situations, SN Mortgage brokers help every individual with short-term loans so they can pay off their living expenses.

Paying School Fees

Students in Hamilton often struggle to pay tuition fees and living expenses due to rising postsecondary education costs, and more Canadians are seeking to finance their education. In that case, a our mortgage specialists help you accomplish your career and educational goals by easing the burden of student loan debt.

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    How Much Commission is Charged by Mortgage Brokers?

    Banking services and mortgage broker services differ in many ways. Since they have access to a large pool of lenders, Hamilton mortgage brokers offer several lending products. To fit the needs of their clients, mortgage brokers have flexibility to offer the lowest mortgage rates. Rather, banks can only offer mortgages through their one product line of lending. This makes it challenging for the banks to offer reasonable rates for their every client with different financial situations.

    Commissions charged by mortgage brokers usually range between 0.5% to 1%. The commission varies between banks and mortgage brokers.  Mortgage brokers do not charge commissions directly to clients. Rather, the mortgage lender pays commissions to the mortgage broker. The exact amount you'll pay in commissions will also depend on what type and how long you choose for your mortgage.

    As an example, if you get a mortgage for $600,000, and your broker gets paid 1%, then it will be $6,000. Lenders are typically required to pay commissions to mortgage brokers or agents.

    Hunting for Best Mortgage Brokers in Hamilton: Where to start?

    Residing in the golden horseshoe, Hamilton is an industrialized city that opens itself to businessmen and investors. Buying your very own first home can be very exciting and must be bought after thorough homework about real estate. If you are taking out a mortgage for the first time, choose Shant Nalbandian as your Hamilton mortgage broker. Depending on the needs of each customer, we work with a team of mortgage broker experts to find the right mortgage for our clients. Mortgages are loans that give you a lump sum to pay for your dream home or any other property you might want to purchase. The amount returned to the creditor will be repaid in the form of a repayment plan including monthly installments of the interest rate applied. Several factors are considered when determining the repayment plan, including your credit score, down payment, etc. In addition, there are many types of mortgages; there are open and closed mortgages, as well as fixed and variable interest rates. All of this can seem confusing, but if you work with the best Hamilton mortgage broker, it should not be a problem for you. With our extensive experience as mortgage agents in Hamilton city, you can benefit greatly from our services.

    As a trusted mortgage broker, we will provide professional guidance the entire way through the mortgage process so that you don't have to worry about your monthly budget or financial routine being disrupted. Our goal, as Hamilton's top mortgage brokers, is to provide our clients with all the necessary details and regulations regarding mortgages to ensure a relaxed experience.

    Call us: (416) 894-3976

    Questions? We’re here to help!

    What Makes SN Mortgage Differ from Other Hamilton Mortgage Brokers?

    The process of getting a mortgage approval can be difficult if you're self-employed or you own a business. Traditional banks have terms and conditions that must be met, and many banks will not approve your mortgage application. Our certified Hamilton mortgage brokers at SN Mortgages take pride in helping our clients with fast mortgage approval solutions because we know that qualifying for a mortgage can be stressful at the same time. We offer all Canadians the best mortgage rates at the lowest rates that can also save you money. The mission of SN Mortgages is to provide you with all types of solutions which allow you to choose the best option based on your financial situation. As a reputable and trusted Hamilton mortgage broker, we have served our clients for more than a decade and have a vast network of private lenders who can assist with obtaining a private mortgage for home refinancing, your first home, or commercial property.

    Shant Mortgage Brokerage Involves the Following Services  

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What is the average time it takes for a mortgage broker to find a mortgage?
      It entirely depends on the expertise and network of the mortgage broker at play. Normally the approval time for a mortgage range from 2 to 4 weeks but to find you the right mortgage is heavily governed by the preparation you have for applying for a mortgage. Every applicant has a different situation to meet and hence the time changes accordingly.
    • In what ways are mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers different?
      A mortgage lender is an individual, financial institution that lends loans to you. May be private or government regulated, each having their own pros and cons. Mortgage brokers are the bridge between someone looking for a mortgage and mortgage lenders. One broker may have many lenders and one lender may give multiple loans.
    • How can you avoid mortgage broker fees?
      You can entirely avoid the mortgage broker fees by exploring out mortgage lender options yourself and directly contacting them for a mortgage. However, this is not a viable option you may land yourself in more trouble than you were trying to avoid. A broker charges for the network and options he can offer you easily for the mortgage that suits you.
    • How is brokerage calculated?
      The brokerage is calculated as 0.05% of the total turnover. It is calculated on the total cost of the shares that are either purchased or sold. It is charged for every transaction individually.
    • Is it possible to get a mortgage if I have savings but no job?
      It is possible to get a mortgage if you have savings but no job if you can get a cosigner or guardian to sign the mortgage with you. The cosigner needs to have a job and sign in physically for the mortgage application to add as a security of their income and credit history loan.
    • How do I know if a mortgage broker is legit?
      If you wish to confirm if your mortgage broker is legit or not then may want to request them to show their license, no pending disciplinary action hearing or no suspension or restriction has been put on them. Once you verify these, you can be sure that the mortgage broker that you have is legit.

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