With Us, It's Easy To Obtain A Commercial Mortgage or Equity Loan in Toronto!

With Us, It's Easy To Obtain A Commercial Mortgage or Equity Loan in Toronto!

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Understanding Commercial Mortgages

Despite the fact that Canadian mortgages have been a hot topic for a long time, the main discussion has been focused on the residential variety. Since people are more inclined to purchase home for their families rather than real estate for businesses. Since the Commercial Mortgage market in Toronto has become even more important than the residential one, the demand for commercial mortgage brokers and lending institutions is on the rise. Real estate is not the only thing that affects the commercial mortgage market.

The growth of commercial mortgages result in more jobs, which in turn means a healthier economy and better income for households.

Commercial Mortgages Toronto: How They Usually Work?

In Toronto, generally a commercial mortgage substitutes the collateral for residential loans on commercial real estate. In most cases, the borrower is a business. Mortgage rates for commercial properties in Toronto are typically higher than those for residential ones, due to the risk involved. Financially speaking, it is usually the largest investment you will make.

Since the property is collateral, commercial mortgage lender gets a guarantee that the loan will be repaid. A collateral pledge for a loan might involve more than one property.

How To Qualify For Commercial Mortgage Loan in Toronto?

Toronto's commercial lending emphasizes financial strength over profitability. Loan providers consider the net operating income that is available after depreciation and payments, as well as the total value of the property. In addition, they compare income with debt service costs, like principal and interest payments.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Debt Service Coverage Ratio. In Toronto, commercial mortgage lenders typically look at the essential ratio of cash available to required loan payments.
  • A Credit History. Most commercial lenders requires a good credit score, as well as the legitimacy of your business. It is possible to get a loan with less than ideal credit history, but it's rare.
  • Current Business Situation. As long as the business is operating, lenders expect it to be profitable and consistent. To make sure that the payments will be made on time, they may need the business plan and financial projections.
  • Type of Business. Terms and conditions of commercial mortgages in Toronto depend on how your business operates and what kind of property is purchased. In this situation, a specialist such as Shant Nalbandian is highly advisable.
  • Upfront Payment. Commercial property in Toronto usually requires a higher down payment. In general, buyers must pay between 20-35% on a mixed property. For a pure commercial property, it tends to be higher, near 50%. Defining a down payment determines the risk profile.

If you feel stressed out during the mortgage process, you may want to work with Shant Nalbandian, one of the most reliable commercial mortgage brokers in Toronto. Connected with over 60 lenders to make the entire process easy for you.

List of Required Documents & Details to Pursue a Commercial Mortgage in Toronto

Here is the checklist of documents that you need to qualify for commercial loans in Toronto:

  • The identifications include a driver’s license, social insurance card, passport, citizenship card, credit card, etc.
  • It is recommended to use a well-established commercial appraisal service provider in most cases.
  • Sometimes the commercial mortgage lender or their agent will need to conduct a site inspection where they will examine the property.
  • Tenant list and current rent rolls.
  • Revenue and income declaration for leasing agreements.
  • Statements of income and expenses or a complete list of expenses for a commercial property.
  • Mortgage refinance or renewal required to avoid property taxes.
  • A current mortgage statement to reflect a refinance or mortgage renewal.
  • Notice of Assessments (NOA) or it could be T1 Generals in the most recent 2 years.
  • You must provide proof of down payment only for new purchases.
  • The down payment must be accompanied by proof of source. You must clarify where the down payment comes from.
  • Any additional assets should be documented.
  • Business license or articles of associations.
  • A person needs to carry out tax statements, lease agreements, and mortgage statements for all other properties he or she owns.
  • A preliminary environmental survey is required in certain situations.
  • Additional surveys and documentation may be required depending on the information presented in other documents.
  • Sometimes a person may be asked for information on the property management company or the management team that is responsible for the daily operations.

Most of these documents serve no purpose other than providing greater information to commercial lender about the deal so that they can make a confident decision.

In comparison to a residential mortgage, a commercial mortgage in Toronto requires longer time, struggle, and paperwork. Your search for the right mortgage can be more straightforward with the assistance of expert Commercial Mortgage Brokers at Shant Nalbandian.

For Commercial Mortgages, What Payment Options Are Available?

Commercial mortgages offer a similar range of payment options to residential mortgages. With a variable interest rate and adjustable terms, a borrower can repay their mortgage as gradually as they want. Borrowers looking to make compatible payments every month over the term of their loan benefit from a fixed interest rate because it offers peace of mind against rising rates ahead. Although, searching for a commercial mortgage in Toronto can look quite difficult and intimidating but it isn’t.

Commercial Mortgages Include Both Fixed & Variable Rates

An interest rate is locked in for a fixed-rate mortgage so it won't change over time. Variable rates tend to be lower at the beginning, but they can fluctuate with time based on market conditions. Fixed-rate mortgages offer longer-term stability.

Joint venture loans are also available to help people who are unable to take out loans on their own. Otherwise, participating mortgages are loans in which the lending party shares the profits on a property. Mortgage payments with interest and property income are added to the loan amount in addition to monthly payments.

Refinancing Commercial Properties is a Challenging Process

Due to the risk factors, additional work and information is required for a commercial deal. Nevertheless, most commercial deals will require evaluations. In certain conditions, Toronto commercial lenders may require the property and the land on which the property sits to have an environmental study carried out.

A variety of factors may be considered as well, including the type of lease, the quality of the tenants, condition of the property, income statements, and more.

Commercial Mortgage Refinancing Toronto: Advantages & Downsides

Advantages of Refinancing Commercial Mortgage:

  • Increase property value and get higher rental and leasing rates. To improve, renovate and service the property, the money from refinancing the existing mortgage can be utilized. By doing so, the value of the commercial estate can be increased.
  • Expanding Investment Portfolio. You can invest the money that is taken from the commercial building and use it to pay down on new investment properties or to kick-start the growth of the real estate investment market. In most cases, a commercial real estate investor in Toronto owns several properties throughout their lifetime.
  • Consolidation of Other Debts. If someone owns a commercial property and has a high amount of interest debts e.g, credit cards then a portion of the available equity may be used to pay down the debts and lower the overall monthly payments.
  • Investing in Business. People who own commercial real estate in Toronto and need to raise some funds for the main business or any other business can take some of the available equity from the commercial building to invest in the business.
  • Lower Interest Rates on Better Terms. By reducing the interest rate and improving the loan terms, a huge amount of money can be saved on mortgage payments and monthly payments can be reduced.
  • Buyout A Partner. In addition, the extra cash might help an individual obtain shares in a business or in a home from his or her business partner.
  • Holding into Longer Investment. Sometimes refinancing the property is the best option. It may be convenient to keep it as long as possible since a capital gains tax might be huge when selling it.

Drawbacks of Refinancing Commercial Mortgage:

  • Rising Monthly Payments. While increasing the mortgage balance there is a chance of higher monthly payments. Obviously, it will depend on your new mortgage amount, terms, and interest rate.
  • Increased Interest Rate. Depending on the current interest rate and the chances of increased interest rates get higher.

Even though the mortgage process can be challenging at times, our professional commercial mortgage brokers in Toronto will guide you through the entire process in a hassle-free manner.

What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Commercial Mortgage Loan in Toronto?

Advantages of Commercial Mortgage Loan:

  • Lower Interest Rates. Interest rates on commercial mortgages in Toronto are generally lower than on unsecured borrowing. With fixed monthly repayments a person can accurately use them in business planning and forecasting, enabling the business to be structured with more flexibility.
  • Capital Gains. Buying a commercial property in Toronto can result in a substantial capital gain. As property prices increase with time, this can be a great way to realize capital growth for a longer amount of time.
  • Renting Potential. It may be possible to monetize extra space in the property by renting out the surplus areas, thus generating more income.
  • Financial Planning. A business usually extends the payment terms of its commercial real estate mortgage in order to concentrate on other important business matters. It includes sales, overhead monitoring, and training staff. The mortgage payments will probably be less expensive than paying rent on an equivalent property. With each mortgage payment, equity in the building will continue to enhance, providing a more solid financial foundation for the owner.
  • Ending a Mortgage. There is still plenty of flexibility when someone is unable to pay the mortgage, or he/she needs to move to a bigger building, or if they decide to close the business if the mortgage is commercial. Although, getting out of a long-term leasing arrangement can be very difficult, a mortgage can still be covered if one decides to sell the premises or decide to rent it out and sustain the asset.

Disadvantages of a Commercial Mortgage Loan:

  • Raising A Deposit. You may have to make a substantial deposit. Large deposits may be challenging to raise, and the funds could be used in another part of the business.
  • Maintenance of The Property. Any maintenance, security or general upkeep of the property will be the responsibility of the borrower, (there will be no going back to the landlord telling them the pipes have burst again, those pipes are now the borrower's responsibility).
  • Borrower's Interest Rate. A rise in interest rates will result in more expensive monthly repayments for someone with a variable rate mortgage. Many more factors will influence the decision on getting a commercial real estate mortgage than the ones listed above.

  • Decreasing Property Prices. Property prices always fluctuate and these downturns typically affect the value of the property which can result in reduced capital, affecting the finances and future borrowing capability.

Shant Nalbandian Making Easy to Get Commercial Mortgages in Toronto

Shant Nalbandian, one of the best commercial mortgage brokers in Toronto, is famous for his hassle-free services. In Ontario, he provides the most favorable mortgage loan rates and terms. Providing winning solutions for unique financial needs, whether it is about refinancing a house, consolidating debt, or deciding on a second mortgage. Access to commercial lenders across the financial spectrum will ensure greater choice and opportunities, thus making the services more convenient for consumers.

Based in Toronto, we are a team of expert commercial mortgage brokers and financing specialists with extensive experience helping clients in all possible ways. Each financial situation is different, thus we treat every client as an individual. Personalize financial plans for every client, with a multitude of options available.

Our reputation is built on the trust and confidence of the clients and our ability to provide the highest level of professionalism, expertise in the industry, and capability to serve our customers.

Our expertise makes it quick and easy to obtain commercial mortgage loans in Toronto. To get in touch with our commercial mortgage experts, call us (416) 894-3976, or email us [email protected].

Why Should You Hire Commercial Mortgage Brokers in Toronto?

It doesn't matter whether you are financing commercial real estate or not, one can save money with the help of a mortgage broker. There are a few things we need to assess before deciding whether a commercial mortgage broker in Toronto is worth hiring. We need to make sure our money is well spent.

Benefits of Working With a Commercial Mortgage Broker:

  • Getting a loan for commercial real estate in Toronto is not as simple as it seems. Because of the wide array of loan types and loan amounts, a single lender cannot offer financing programs for every potential loan.
  • An experienced and qualified commercial mortgage broker has access to many lenders who can offer a variety of lending options.
  • In Toronto, commercial lenders can charge different interest rates, costs and other fees. This way, a business owner can save money by using a commercial broker compared to a commercial bank.
  • In order to identify the most reasonably priced options available in Toronto, a broker will thoroughly assist you.
  • Mortgage Brokers are held accountable.
  • Clients are always kept informed regarding the application status. Regular updates are given through phone calls, emails, or texts.
  • Brokers and agents in Toronto are independent from the banks and lenders so they put the needs of the clients first.
  • We can easily access and work with many institutions like banks, credit unions, trust companies, private lenders, and more.
  • A commercial mortgage broker in Toronto has access to a large number of lenders which allows them to negotiate the best interest rates and terms for clients, which results in lower overall loan costs.
  • A professional mortgage broker will make it clear how they are compensated as well as the total cost of loan.
  • With a mortgage broker, only one application is required. This is more efficient than completing individual forms with different lenders. An experienced mortgage broker can help provide a formal comparison of any recommended loans, offering precise information about the cost differences, with rates, points, and closing costs displayed.

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