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Reasons: Why Use Mortgage Brokers Instead of Bank

10 Worthy Reasons: Why Use Mortgage Brokers Instead of Bank

Who Is A Mortgage Broker? Duties & Responsibilities Are you wondering who is a mortgage broker? By definition, a mortgage broker is an individual who acts as a bridge between the lender and borrowers. They…
Calculate Mortgage Interest Rates

A Simple Hack: How is Mortgage Interest Calculated in Canada?

How Mortgage Interest Works in Canada? Mortgage interest rates are typically a percentage of the total loan amount. The rate is set by the lender and depends on the borrower’s credit score, among other things.…
Current Mortgage Rates in Ontario 2022

What Are the Current Mortgage Rates in Ontario: 2022 Update

Understanding Ontario Mortgage Rates Mortgage rates are the interest or fee that you pay a lender for the service they provide you. The rate can be a fixed rate, which is set for the life…